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Grooming any cat can be a difficult task. At The Grooming Shoppe, you get a groomer with 40 years of experience keeping cats calm and comfortable while they receive their bath and blow-dry. Our services for cats include:

  • Full bath, brush, blow-dry, and scissor finish

  • Ears, nails, and anal glands tended to

  • Flea or medicated bath available by request

Finish with a clip for a 'purrfect' coat

We'll provide your cat with a professional clip or scissor finish to show off their coat and keep their fur sanitary and free of odor. From a simple trim to a fierce lion cut, we offer a variety of styles for short- and long-hair breeds.

Locally owned and operated

Grooming in less than 2 hours

Head-to-tail care at great prices

Serving large and small breeds

Cat grooming

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